Tanned Kit Fox Wall-Hanger
  • Tanned Kit Fox Wall-Hanger


    Professionally tanned kit fox pelt.


    Southern Nevada, high desert, kit fox. A tiny, big ear fox that can look similar to a miniature coyote at a distance. Very clear, white belly with buff/tan edges. Back fur is tipped white with black, giving a soft gray appearance with a fluffy black, tip tail. Fur is extremely soft and prime high desert.

    All 4 feet are intact including pads and claws. Lower lip, ears, nose, and whiskers are intact. 36” from nose tip to tail tip. Soft, white leather. Case skinned.


    NEAR PERFECT condition. Small vertical cut at tail (see picture with pen tip) and one eye is “big eyed” or slit (see picture)


    FUN FACT! Kit Fox are known to represent intelligence and speed.

    SKU: M039

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