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~ Disclaimer, please read ~

Please note real teeth, claws, and bones can and will chip, crack, and discolor due to anything from dropping the piece to environmental changes. Most bones I use have been sealed to help protect the pieces. Any existing cracks have been sealed to help control further breakage and/or coated in a high quality protective resin. However, these precautions DO NOT guarantee (especially teeth) that cracking, splitting, and chipping won’t happen at some point, be it a day or several years. Therefore, HDA&C cannot be held responsible for their care after leaving my hands.


All animal products were harvested ethically and according to Nevada State Law. Please make sure you check your state’s laws on the possession of animal parts. It is ILLEGAL in some states to be in possession of certain animal bones, teeth, claws, skulls, or other parts. Buyer is responsible for knowing his or her state laws.


HDA&C is NOT responsible for refunding confiscated items or fees NOR is HDA&C offering to sell the item to you if it is ILLEGAL according to your state's laws. PLEASE KNOW YOUR LAWS!!

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